Reliable. Products designed for Military/Aerospace applications must perform flawlessly despite the demands and abuse of daily use often under the most extreme conditions. Our highly skilled staff are trained to build all products to the highest standard of workmanship, IPC-A-610 Class III. We apply this quality to everything we do from single prototype boards to comprehensive systems.


Highest Quality

6 Sigma


ISO 9001:2008


IPC-A-610 Class III workmanship


In-house Thermal Shock testing

Unmatched Problem Solvers

Handle unique challenges


Specialize in high complexity designs

  Experience with exotic substates - Duroid - Nelco - Flex
  ITAR Compliant processing

Pioneered packaging technology with Fortune 10 R&D

Dependable Process


SPC – traceability


Infrastructure: People, Knowledge, Systems

Local Facilities

Fastest turnaround


Easy to collaborate in-person

  Committed to Homeland economy success