Computer Network Infrastructure

Reliable. Reliable. Customers demand that computing/communications infrastructure equipment must be highly available, that is, equipment must operate 99.999% of the time, or has downtime no more than 5 minutes/year. Since the overall system must perform at this level, the electronic boards must have a higher level of reliability. New Age prides itself on the reliability of the products we produce. As part of our service, we analyze client designs and make recommendations for improvement in manufacturability and reliability. We also build all of our products to the highest standard of workmanship, IPC-A-610 Class III so you know it will work right the first time.

Efficient. Time-to-market pressures are commonplace today. We help our clients to maintain development schedules, even when a board layout comes back flawed. Our highly skilled engineers will manually correct board layout issues on the physical board and produce working prototypes when others have failed. This enables you to continue development eliminating a schedule slip due to an extra board spin.


High Quality

6 Sigma


IPC-A-610 Class III workmanship


ISO 9001:2008


In-house Thermal Shock testing

Unmatched Problem Solvers

Handle unique challenges


Specialize in high complexity designs - BGA - MICRO BGA - CSP - QFN - DFN - LGA


24" Process Width Capability

  Pioneered packaging technology with Fortune 10 R&D
Local Facilities

Fastest turnaround


Easy to collaborate in-person